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Entreprise / 22.01.2009

To support green IT initiatives, devolo has licensed their low current patent to HomePlug chip manufacturer Intellon


devolo AG from Aachen, Germany, the global market leader in the HomePlug powerline segment, has licensed its patented PowerSave low-current powerline technology to the US chip manufacturer Intellon. Thus, starting immediately, this devolo innovation will be available for all HomePlug AV products with Intellon chips.

The powerline specialist devolo AG is licensing a technology that has been developed based on the firm‘s own green IT initiative, "Follow Green" The intelligent PowerSave technology detects whether the network device connected to the HomePlug adapter is switched on or off. When the device is switched off, PowerSave also reduces the energy consumption of the adapter by 30 percent. Within the framework of the license agreement, Intellon has decided to start equipping their HomePlug AV chips with PowerSave technology immediately. This means that the increasingly popular HomePlug technology for home networking will now also meet high modern demands on low energy consumption. "We think it is the right step for Intellon to have attained the license for the PowerSave technology patented by devolo," said Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG, who then added, "This will make HomePlug technology even more attractive throughout the world." As the result of the license agreement between devolo and Intellon, the PowerSave technology is now available to all manufacturers of HomePlug AV products with Intellon chips. devolo has also integrated this low-current, energy-saving technology into its HomePlug 1.0 compatible product line. As such, all devolo products are equipped with the PowerSave feature.