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Produit B2C / 03.11.2009

devolo showcases the first powerline adapter with a status display worldwide

devolo AG of Aachen, Germany, the worldwide market leader for network solutions based on powerline, is making home networks installed over the power supply line even easier to use in the future. With its dLAN® 200 AVsmart+, the company is presenting the first powerline adapter in the world with a "dLAN® screen", an innovative LC status display for extreme simplification of network installation and monitoring. The dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ can be fully installed and operated without a computer, which is essential when it comes to networking home entertainment devices. Intelligent innovations such as the integrated electrical socket with network filter deliver ultimate transmission quality and ensure that no electrical outlet is lost.

devolo, the leading technology company in the powerline market, has presented an innovative dLAN® adapter with its dLAN® 200 AVsmart+: the world‘s first powerline device with the newly developed "dLAN® Screen" LC status display as well as an integrated encryption button. Networking home entertainment devices equipped with a network port to a powerful home network and the internet is now even faster and easier. The combination of the display and encryption button makes integration in the powerline network easy—without any need for a computer for the installation. The devolo dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ is therefore the ideal choice for next-generation game consoles, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, internet TV devices, web radios or AV receivers. With the introduction of its dLAN® 200 AVsmart+, devolo is catering for a development in the consumer electronics industry—nearly the entire current device generation in consumer electronics is fitted with a network port. Its LAN functionality offers real additional benefits, for instance streaming of videos, photos or music from the home computer or internet. Results from market research show that customers would like to harness these new potentials, but up to now they have come unstuck with the complicated network technology. The devolo dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ makes it child‘s play to extend the home network and broadband internet connection to these devices.

Perfect setup in seconds thank to the LC status display and encryption button

Of course, the latest addition to the dLAN® 200 AV product line is also ideal for classic computer networking. The integrated status display saves having to make connections by viewing the dLAN® informer devolo software (available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). In addition to the three symbols well established for the operating state, the clearly structured LC display on the adapter shows a field strength bar chart for indicating connection quality to the other networked HomePlug adapters. The visualisation also shows whether the displayed adapters are a standard Ethernet adapter, a dLAN® adapter with an additional WLAN port, an audio adapter or a TV sat adapter. This means the number of active adapters in the home network and the efficiency of the powerline technology within a home are immediately identifiable.

High-speed connection over a 300 metre line length

The devolo dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ was developed for private households and is ideal for use in (rented) flats as well as houses. Powerline technology uses the power supply line just like a long network cable; a new type of chip design allows the dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ to bridge line lengths of 300 metres with the same high connection quality. A maximum transmission speed of 200 Mbps combined with the integrated AESpro encryption ensures fast and secure surfing. Integration of a networked product in the own home network is established in next to no time with the dLAN® 200 AVsmart+: the adapter is plugged into a free power outlet and connected to the LAN device using an Ethernet cable. Secure AESpro encryption is now activated at the press of a button; the status display immediately supplies information on the connection quality. Ready—the device connects immediately to the home network or internet.

Unique technologies for extra performance and efficient power saving: Dynamic PowerSave and network filter

The devolo developers have refined the well-known PowerSave technology even further with Dynamic PowerSave. An improved circuit design now makes it possible to automatically save 60 percent of the energy. The circuit intelligently reduces energy consumption: the dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ also switches into an energy saving deep-standby mode when the connected computer or network device connected to the adapter is switched to standby mode. The adapter is again available within a few seconds as soon as the network device is reactivated. Additionally, the dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ is a devolo "Plus" product that has an integrated electrical socket so that no electrical outlet is lost. Its integrated network filter ensures that the power is cleaned from any interference and therefore delivers improved adapter communication."We have achieved a new quality for the powerline home network with the dLAN® 200 AVsmart+. More and more devolo customers are using the dLAN® adapter to connect devices in the living room, such as T-Home set-top boxes, next-generation game consoles, Blu-ray players or media players to the home network and internet", comments Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "All of this must be possible directly on the powerline adapter, as the living room does seldom have a computer for setting up and monitoring. This is why many devolo products already have an integrated encryption button. The display now shows a detailed network status, including visualisation of connection quality to other adapters. This makes dLAN® powerline networks even more transparent and convenient."

devolo dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ - prices & availability

dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ is available from the end of October 2009. The adapter costs 84.90 euros individually and 159.90 euros as a starter kit with two adapters. The dLAN® 200 AVsmart+ is fully compatible with the dLAN® 200 AV generation adapters; devolo gives a 3-year warranty.