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Produit B2C / 18.05.2011

devolo dLAN® 500 AV – the fastest home network via the power line

Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG is launching the dLAN® 500, a high-performance powerline network that features a transmission speed of up to 500 Mbps, which exceeds even Fast Ethernet cable networks. dLAN® 500 enables connections between IT products and entertainment electronics located anywhere in the home, and is ideal for making state-of-the-art Internet access technologies such as VDSL or broadband cable connections available in every room of the home. In the new dLAN® generation, devolo uses its own patented developments that increase the range and guarantee a higher transfer rate. With special firmware, the dLAN® specialist is the first powerline manufacturer to optimise the transmission of Internet television for T-Home Entertain products of Germany‘s Deutsche Telekom.

devolo is presenting the dLAN® 500, a new generation of its multiple award-winning home network, which now for the first time is faster than a classic Fast Ethernet-based cable connection. The dLAN® 500 adapters connect computers, consumer electronics and all other digital household appliances and devices with a network connection. Up to four HDTV streams can be transmitted simultaneously, making dLAN® 500 ideal for all IPTV programming such as T-Home Entertain or Maxdome. devolo‘s latest powerline development is particularly well suited to high-performance home networks that access high-speed Internet connections such as VDSL, cable and fibre-optic networks. True to the devolo philosophy of "unpack it, plug it in and get started," installing the dLAN® 500 adapters is also as easy as child‘s play, with no need to use a computer. The powerline products can be connected simply by pressing a button on the adapter via 128-bit AES encryption. Automatic data prioritisation (Quality of Service) ensures interference-free video transmission and Internet phone calls, even if more than one person is surfing the Internet at the same time.

Higher performance and improved energy efficiency

dLAN® 500 is based on the international IEEE 1901 standard and thus is fully compatible with all corresponding standardised powerline adapters. Still, the devolo developers were able to increase the performance with their own circuit designs with optimised analogue front end. Therefore, in typical user scenarios, the dLAN® 500 adapters offer much higher performance than other powerline devices. Advances in Dynamic PowerSave technology reduce energy consumption to less than 0.5 watts in standby mode. Thus even today, the dLAN® 500 adapters comply with the EuP standard for 2013. This directive, passed by the European Union, stipulates both environmentally responsible energy efficiency and the general environmental compatibility of electrical devices.

Improved support for T-Home Entertain

devolo is the first Powerline manufacturer to ensure the perfect TV experience for T-Home Entertain customers. The Aachen-based company‘s Beta firmware 5.2 offers corresponding optimisation for dLAN® 500 AVplus and dLAN® 500 AVmini, which ensures particularly safe and stable operation of the dLAN® IPTV products. The improvements are particularly noticeable when multiple Entertain receivers are used in the same household. The firmware update is available as a free download from devolo‘s website.Model variants and availabilityTwo chief product variants, the dLAN® 500 AVmini and the dLAN® 500 AVplus, are available now right at the launch of the dLAN® 500 series. The outstanding feature of the AVmini is its extremely compact dimensions, while the AVplus has an integrated electrical socket with mains filter and thus is particularly well suited to environments in which only a few power outlets are available. The dLAN® 500 AVmini Starter Kit with 2 adapters is available at a recommended retail price of 149.90 Euro. The network kit with 3 adapters costs 199.90 Euro. A single dLAN® 500 AVmini adapter is available for 79.90 Euro. The dLAN® 500 AVplus is also available as a starter kit with 2 adapters for 169.90 Euro, while the network kit costs 229.90 Euro. An individual dLAN® 500 AVplus is available for 89.90 euro.

Owners of dLAN® adapters from the dLAN® 200 product line can integrate the dLAN® 500 products easily into their existing network.