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Salon / 03.02.2011

devolo at CeBIT 2011: Multi-room 3D entertainment via powerline


Perfection in 3D entertainment via the power line—devolo AG, the leading expert in powerline communication solutions, is presenting dLAN as the ideal home network for triple play services at CeBIT 2011. With the new dLAN® 500, based on the international IEEE 1901 powerline standard, even technically advanced transmission of high-resolution 3D movies to every room of the home is possible. At the same time, the Aachen-based company is showing innovative dLAN® developments such as the dLAN® 200 AV USB extender for shared use of USB hard drives and printers and the intuitive dLAN® Cockpit home network management software. With dLAN® TV Sat, devolo is presenting the industry trade fair‘s visitors its TV solution for receiving digital satellite television via the power line.

devolo‘s CeBIT trade fair presence this year will focus prominently on networked home entertainment. In the Hanover fair‘s Planet Reseller area, which is limited to trade and retail, the Aachen-based powerline expert is presenting its products and solutions for state-of-the-art, network-based 3D entertainment. During the fair‘s run from 1 to 5 March 2011, devolo is presenting innovations such as the new dLAN® 500 powerline generation at Stand H43 in Hall 15. With a transmission rate of 500 Mbps, these products offer sufficient bandwidth via the power line to make use of all triple play services such as broadband Internet, 3D IPTV and Voice over IP in the highest quality.

Networked home entertainment in 3D

The trend towards elaborate 3D blockbusters in HD resolution is unbroken in European living rooms. With dLAN® 500, devolo supplies the ideal solution for the increased demands for a multi-room compatible entertainment network that can handle the bandwidth of high-resolution cinematic adventures in 3D. "High-resolution movies in 3D need twice the bandwidth of classic HD videos," explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "With its consistently high transmission capacity, dLAN® 500 guarantees the availability of this content throughout the home. Never before was it so easy to set up a high-performance network within your own four walls and supply high-speed LAN to every room." dLAN® 500 is based on the international IEEE 1901 standard and thus is compatible to all corresponding standardised powerline adapters and the previous dLAN® 200 generation. Moreover, dLAN® 500 offers complete TR069 support for comprehensive remote management. This allows, for example, new firmware to be installed by the Internet service provider in remote maintenance or the entire product scenario to be configured automatically.The first adapters of the dLAN® 500 portfolio will be available in stores in April 2011. Two popular product variants, the dLAN® 500 AVmini and dLAN® 500 AVplus, are being made available to coincide with the launch. The dLAN® 500 AVmini features extremely compact dimensions, while devolo‘s dLAN® 500 AVplus has an integrated power outlet with mains filter and thus is particularly suited to locations in which only few power outlets are available.

High energy efficiency to the EuP standard

However, devolo designs its products not only for high performance, but also for energy efficiency. Advances in Dynamic PowerSave technology have made it possible to reduce energy consumption to less than 0.5 watts in standby mode. Thus even today, the dLAN® 500 adapters comply with the EuP standard for 2013. This directive, passed by the European Union, stipulates both environmentally responsible energy efficiency and the general environmental compatibility of electrical devices.

DVB-S2 via dLAN – satellite TV in HD quality from the power outlet

Not only can dLAN® be used as an IP triple play network, with dLAN® TV Sat, devolo is offering a smart solution for transmitting digital satellite TV in HD quality via the household electrical wiring. Moreover, the DVB-S2 and Quality of Service performance features ensure that the TV signal from the satellite to the power outlet reaches the receiver in the highest quality. To make this possible, devolo has developed a dLAN® tuner that is connected directly to the LNB receiver of the satellite system. Once activated, it provides satellite TV through each power outlet in the home. Reception is also possible via the dLAN® TV Sat 1300-HD digital satellite receiver. It serves simultaneously as an EPG-supported video recorder. Consumers can use USB mass storage devices such as hard drives or memory sticks as storage media. In addition, a timeshift function is integrated which allows users to pause the current TV programme. Alternatively, a PC-TV solution is also available from devolo that turns each computer in the household into a television.

dLAN® USB extender – USB devices in the home network

devolo is presenting industry visitors to the CeBIT fair with the dLAN® 200 AV USB extender, a new type of dLAN® USB adapter that connects devices such as USB printers and USB hard drives to the computers in the home easily via the mains supply. The innovative powerline product makes every USB hard drive and USB printer a network device that can be shared by multiple users without having to be connected locally. Thus the dLAN® USB extender not only enables shared use, but also provides outstanding flexibility for positioning printers and hard drives anywhere in the home. "As the dLAN® innovator, we are always seeking to add innovative products to our product line and develop devices that provide value in everyday use," Harbers says of the additions to the dLAN® range.

dLAN® Cockpit – home network management made easy

With dLAN® Cockpit, devolo is featuring a new generation of its dLAN® management software. All previously available programs are now brought together into a single appealing interface—with significantly expanded functions. With its innovative network display, the program shows the connection speed of all adapters in the dLAN®. A dLAN® optimisation wizard analyses the home network and provides tips on how to further improve the transfer rate. Simultaneously, the dLAN® Cockpit is also used to configure all security settings, like the adapter‘s encryption. When dLAN® pioneer devolo provides an update to help its adapters perform better, this update can now be carried out directly in the network. In addition to customised configuration of an individual adapter, network-wide configuration is also possible, such as simultaneous installation of firmware upgrades on all dLAN® devices. "CeBIT 2011 is the world‘s foremost trade fair for IT products," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "We look forward to presenting the new dLAN products to our partners—both service providers and those from retail and specialist stores—at Planet Reseller. We are featuring dLAN® 500, the ideal solution for a 3D-compatible multi-room network that can be offered in many channels as a complementary product to Internet televisions, IPTV set-top boxes such as T-Home Entertain and broadband connections. At the same time, devolo offers a one-of-a-kind range of powerline products for customised expansion—and solutions such as the dLAN® 200 AV USB extender or the dLAN® TV Sat."